When people see circus performances and acrobatics, the thing I hear most often is, “I could never do that”.  It breaks my heart a little bit each time, because I find myself wanting people to feel inspired by these artistic expressions and motivated to reach for their highest potential.  


My approach to personal training is to gain a clear understanding of what each person’s fitness and physical goals are, and then to take small steps towards achieving them.  It’s not an overnight process.  It takes time to assess what muscles need to be built up, and then carefully construct the framework to do that in a safe way for each individual body.  I care about the longevity of your health.  For me, it’s not about achieving the goals as fast as possible, but instead, crafting s routine in such away that your goals end up falling into place.


I want to give people an opportunity to try something new, something they think they could never do, or something they’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know how to start.  I want to give people a unique workout that is fun, engaging, and allows them to move at their own pace.  I want people to be able to move in their bare feet, feeling the ground underneath them and training all those small individual muscles in their feet.  I’ve been training barefoot my whole life, and because of it, I think I have a particularly special relationship to exercise, feeling my body, and grounding myself.  I want to provide this for others, and teach them how to properly align themselves as they exercise.



Cassie has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:


Partner Acrobatics

Trust and playfulness are two of the most important elements of partner acro. Experience a fusion of acrobatic styles when you train with Cassie, including: acro yoga, icarian, standing acro, adagio, and more!


Tumbling and Gymnastics 

It's never too late to go for that perfect 10! Beginners to experts of all ages are well within the comfort level of who Cassie can coach in this discipline.


Handstand Training

Proper alignment, technique, and a variety of exercises for balancing on your hands. Even experienced handstanders have something to learn from Cassie

aerial acrobatics-circus-asheville-training

Aerial Acrobatics

Cassie specializes in fabric and lyra, both as a solo artist and a partner aerialist.  She also has trained and performed on a number of unique aerial apparatuses and has a creative eye for all styles.


Performance & Choreography

Perfect for aspiring professionals or a one time show star!  Take all of those skills you have and learn how to put them into a flow 

conditioning-fitness-flexibility-asheville-group workout

Conditioning and Flexibility

Improve your general fitness, or focus on specific muscle groups. Cassie has exercises to train them all!